Educational Services

The key to a successful recycling program in a business and institution is education. One of the most important aspects of a recycling program is to designate a recycling coordinator to oversee the operations. Once the program is set up properly, there will be very little maintenance that coordinator will have to do. In addition, we will provide you with most of the information that you will need to run a successful program.

We will provide all of our customers with educational materials for all of your containers to clearly mark what may be placed in each container.

We can design memos for you to send out to employees to educate them about your recycling program, as well as provide you with educational sessions/demonstrations. In these sessions, we can explain the service, discuss the materials that can be recycled, and answer any questions.

If you are a school, we would enjoy coming out to your campus to provide fun, interactive demonstrations about how to properly recycle. We also have lesson plans for all ages about our natural resources and what we can do to protect and conserve them.

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