The birth of Shimar Recycling came about when recycling educator Meredith Marley, entrepreneur/investor  Will Marley and and a skeleton crew joined forces to take over the relics of a one time thriving commercial recycling department from SunShares Recycling in Durham, NC, in September of 1997. 

Having the good fortune of starting with a small client base, the transition into entrepreneurship was made much easier for these new business owners. In the initial two years of service, Shimar focused on providing a quality service and most importantly, a reliable service.

Since 1997, Shimar has managed to wade through volatile recycling markets to see the company quadruple its revenues and size. In 2000, it moved into a larger and more adequate recycling facility. This allowed it to increase market revenues for recycled materials which helps it keep  customer's service fees affordable. 

In addition, this move allowed it to expand the numbers and types of materials which can be collected from existing and prospective clients. This helps keep Triangle businesses and institutions on the cutting edge of waste reduction, thus making them responsible stewards of our precious environment.

Shimar Recycling currently provides service to about 1600 businesses and continues to grow through referrals of its existing customer base. As it grows, it remains committed to the mission of providing the best recycling service to businesses and institutions in the Triangle area.

The mission is to provide a professional and affordable recycling collection service for businesses and institutions in the Triangle, NC area, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. In order to do so, Shimar acts as its client's recycling coordinator to help them optimize their recycling system and maximize the potential benefits of our service (e.g. cost savings, conservation of natural resources, and contributing to the development of a sustainable community). In addition, Shimar strives to provide a work environment that is safe, fun and provides opportunities for its employees to grow on a personal and a work level.

Shimar Recycling is an equal opportunity employer.

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